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Cup Test:

Your bra cups should be large enough to prevent breast tissue from bulging or spilling out over the neckline or armhole edges.

You'll know if your bra cups are too large if they have wrinkling, or are clearly larger than both of your breasts.


Raise Your Arms Test:

After fastening yourself into your bra, raise your arms. Does any breast tissue fall out from under the bottom of your cup? Does your bra slide up your body?

If so, your bra band may be too big. You need to tweak your bra sizing because you are still not in the right bra size.

Your bra should stay put and have no movement when you are lifting your arms. 


Breasts in the Middle Test:

When your breasts are in their cups and hoisted to where they should be, your bra cup apex should be halfway between the top of your shoulder and your elbow. If lower than this, your band is probably too large and not giving your breasts enough support. And, if you are D cup or larger, the bra style could be wrong and you may need a bra with seams in the cups for more breast support.

If your bra’s center panel is not resting on your sternum, this could be a sign that your cup size is too small. If the underwires are pointing outward and away from your body, this too is a sign that your cup size could be too small. Also, how far apart your breasts are from each other can affect how your center panel rests on your sternum. 


Straps & Band:

Only 10 percent of your bra's support should come from your bra straps. If your straps are working harder than this, you probably need a smaller band size (Your band should fit snug, as your band is responsible for 90% of your bras support. Women with sloping shoulders need to look for specific bra styles and features to keep their straps up and on their shoulders. If you have an issue with straps falling off your shoulders it could be the size of your bra however in some cases if your shoulders have a natural slope your straps will slip. We recommend Strap Doctor to solve your slipping strap issues!

Come in & see us anytime for a bra fitting, no appointment needed.

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